Debut Demo

by Chtacoudou

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Demo for the full-length album coming soonish at some point.


released July 22, 2014

Music and lyrics by Chtacoudou
Sound by Guilhem Angot
Photos and Artwork by Star Gazer



all rights reserved


Chtacoudou Paimpont, France

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Track Name: Crowded
I go root out the weeds
And i lay them out
I go kicking dirt piles
And i let it all roam

Here we're all so crowded lanes
With so much to bring home
I'm going to rest my case
And let the buried roam free

I can't deny the sprout
Can you see why would i
The seed grows out only
If it is left undug

In my home the union's seeds
And weeds come to testify
In my home they're growing strong
In my home they're taking over
Track Name: Codes
Oh my self
I keep rolling around
Drawing this code
On my land
That i carry around

My bounds
Finger roots worm river
My self
Can't meet you without me
I'm a bubble of pink

You made the call for all to recognize
You made the call you'll be the one to choose yourself
I'll see you when, when we swim and harmonize.

For the name is only a map, translated
You'll know me by the sound
For the name is only a map, translated
You'll know me by the wave

There was always
The space for all to share
Track Name: Poles
Found upon my own done sun
Found upon my own done sign

Found it all resolves merging
Keeping all unique intact

Follow the way and i'll hollow the way
Hollow the way and i'll follow the way

On the wheel that my soul defies
Kneel the name, stabbed no initiative

On the wheel that my soul ignites
Hear the name, whole healed and i'm a bee

See, i'm a child of i
See we love to be taken
By each other's essence
Opposed in our poles
And all kissed and fed
By the pleasure in our home